The answer is, that it is NOT expensive training at CrossFit Roughnecks!

First compare the cost of what you are paying for.  With CrossFit, you have the complete package with no hidden cost for personal training, activation fees, or limitations on the number of times you can work out. Gym memberships are only the start of your cost at a regular globo gym. 

At CrossFit Roughnecks you are getting a personal trainer at your beck and call 6 days/week, customized daily workout, one on one instruction, motivation, accountability, and results.  An average personal trainer is going to charge you between $40-$100/hr at any large scaled "Do It Yourself" gym.  Utilizing their services for 3x/week will cost you upwards of $500-$1,000/month.  Your average cost for personal training at CrossFit Roughnecks is between $8-13/hr.  If you wanted to do training before or after your class, you are welcome to stay and do extra work and still have guidance from your coach should you need it.

There are no machines here at CFR for you to figure out, which means you will be personally taught how to use functional movements in Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and many other forms that will soon become a part of your workout routine. Not only do you get top notch personal training that will actually produce results, but you get access to one of the greatest fitness communities there is.  You are not a number at CFR, but a name and everyone will know your name when you walk in.  It is a gym full of your peers that are there to support you and help you succeed.  There are no age, ability, or fitness requirements and there are no egos in our gym.  Everyone around you only wants the best for you and regardless of your ability will help you get there.

We also do monthly BBQ/Paleo parties at the gym where everyone gets to know each other and learn more about proper nutrition/diet.  We also hold fundraisers, parties (live band), seminars, and other trainings at no extra cost to you.

If you have ever wondered why your regular $45/mo membership never gets used, then maybe you should look to something different.  Its easy to let that membership slide each month, but how about you turn that money into an investment into your fitness. See below for some price comparisons at your local gyms for memberships with personal training.

Globo Gym # 1 - Monthly payments between $38-$80 per month with "activation fees" from $79-$210 for the first month.

Special Advertised Personal Training- 3, 50 min sessions- $150. ($50 per hour)

Total monthly cost with 3 training session per week= $638-$680

Total monthly cost with 2 training session per week= $438-$480

Globo Gym # 2 - Monthly/Activation- $60 per month with "waived enrollment"

Special Advertised Small Group and Individual Personal Training-

Small Group (8-12 ppl per class), 3 Days per week- $200 per month

Individual Training- $80-$100 per hour

Total monthly cost with Group Training- $260

Total monthly cost with 3 days Individual Training- $1020-$1260

Total monthly cost with 2 days Individual Training- $700-$860

Globo Gym # 3 - Monthly/Activation- First Week= 19.95, 9.99 per Week. Or $40 per month

Personal Training: By contract only with no more than 50% loss if canceled-

3 Month Contact ( 6 sessions per month)- $1080, or $360 per month

6 Month Contract ( 6 sessions per month)- $900, or $300 per month

Total monthly cost w 3 month training package- $400

Total monthly cost w 6 month training package- $340

I think it is easy to see the value in training with us over your attendance at a regular gym.  Not to mention that you will have no issue with parking, using equipment, waiting on people, or having to be in the gym for 2 hours to feel like you got a workout. Here, you get everything you need, none of the hassle, all of the benefits, and a great time!