**Please Note: Fridays are an Open Gym Format for all classes.  No set class structure, but there will be a strength and various workouts to choose from.  This is your opportunity to work on any weaknesses with a coach.  Take advantage of their time and knowledge!


5:30 am CrossFit Class
6:30 am CrossFit Class - *Temporary Closure beginning 5/8/17 until further notice
630a still open on Fridays for Open Gym!


11:30am-12:30pm CrossFit Class


4:30 pm CrossFit Class
5:30 pm CrossFit Class
6:30 pm CrossFit Class
7:30 pm CrossFit Class (No 7:30p class on Friday's)
5:30p-7p: Tuesday & Thursday - Martial Arts


7:30-9am:         Martial Arts 
9:00-10:00 am:     CrossFit WOD/Class
10:00-11:00 am:   OPEN GYM

*Check WOD/Facebook for changes to Saturday Schedule.  Some classes are run as an extended 9am class

Every Saturday from 9a-12p

*Please email prior to attending.  You can also sign up online before the class begins and someone will contact you.

Foundations course times are listed above, unless scheduled as private lessons or as an assessment.  Please email or call to begin your Foundations class.  Check Facebook or website for any changes to Saturday Schedules.