Current schedule of group sessions is as follows:


Monday - Friday: Morning Classes

5:30 am CrossFit Class
6:30 am CrossFit Class

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Lunch Class

11:30am-12:30pm CrossFit Class

Evening Classes (Mon-Fri)

4:30 pm CrossFit Class
5:30 pm CrossFit Class
6:30 pm CrossFit Class
7:30 pm CrossFit Class (No 7:30p class on Friday's)

8:30-9:00 am: Self Defense Class/Martial Arts/Tai Chi (This class is open to anyone looking to gain some insight in personal protection or simply looking to try something different. No skill level or past experience required to attend.  We cover anything and everything based on the individuals in the class at the time.  It is more informative than full contact.)

9:00 am:     CrossFit WOD
10:00 am:   CrossFit WOD
11:00 am-12:00 pm:  Open Gym

(The gym is open for you to come in and work on something of your choice.  Please be respectful to coaches and new members since the time is allotted for OnRamp class.  Please assist the coaches by utilizing back room as much as possible and having a game plan in mind since they will be focused on training new members.)

FREE Community Class on Saturday's
- Open to anyone looking to try a class for the first time.  If Saturday doesnt work for you, feel free to contact us and set up a time during the week that best fits your schedule.

Some Saturday Classes will be set as team workouts and may be a single class time depending on set up of event. Check “News and Events” for details and closures due to Competitions.


11:00-1:00pm OnRamp
On-Ramp Classes take place every Saturday morning for one session between 11am-1pm, unless scheduled as private lessons.  Please email or call to schedule your On Ramp session in case we close a Saturday class for a competition or travel.  Please call or come by gym to sign up for On-Ramp class!