The best way to decide if this is for you is to come and try it.  We are so sure that you will be hooked by the intensity, variety, and community that you will never want to leave.  In an attempt to prove that to you, we will give you your first class free.  Contact us about setting up a day that works for you to come by, and try it out.


Foundations (On-Ramp) is our way of making sure your first experience with CrossFit is a rewarding one.  We want to make sure that we provide you with all the tools necessary for you to be successful at our gym while creating a comfortable learning environment.  Foundations is designed to be a gradual progression for any member, regardless of ability, to be able to transition into the more intense group sessions. 

This course is also designed to help you to stick with your goals.  All new members to CrossFit are required to attend this course to learn the basic CrossFit exercises, principles, and technique.  This class will take you through a warm-up/stretch, coaching of various exercises and technical lifts, and WOD (Workout of the Day).  

This course is a single day (Saturdays 9-12p) that is designed to teach all the necessary lifts and movements that are incorporated into our daily workouts.  We start a new class every Saturday at 9a.  We will emphasize mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. You will be in small classes, with a coach that will teach you proper mechanics and techniques at relatively light loads. You will become consistent with those mechanics under the watchful eye of our staff.

We will start with relatively non-technical movements, and progressively become more technical as you gain experience. .  Even if you have a grasp of the movements, this course will help us identify where you are weak and strong.  It will serve as a refresher on the lifts and help you fine tune your lifts so that we can make you stronger, safer, and more efficient than ever.  The intensity of this course can be increased/decreased based on the individual attending.  Once you have finished the course, our coaches will continue to scale and teach you lifts as you gain strength and confidence in the movements.  

Fast Track course is available if you are ready to get going and start training with regular classes.  This course is discouraged for new athletes as the benefit to going through the Foundations program will far outweigh the shortened time with a coach in Fast Track.  The Fast Track course is 3-4 personal Training Sessions with a coach, scheduled at your convenience.  The same material will be covered, but at a faster rate. 


**Fast track breaks down to $60/session**

If you have previous CrossFit experience, and would like an assessment to skip the Foundations/Fast Track course, please email to schedule with a coach. This one on one session is used to ensure you have had previous training with Crossfit, and can competently perform the basic and advanced barbell movements.  The session is approximately 1 hour in length.  After a coach signs off on your assessment, you may then join regular classes per your membership level. 




Now that you have completed the Foundations course, you will have the confidence, knowledge, strength, and endurance to take your training to the next level. It is in the group sessions that you can really turn up the intensity on your training.  It is the intensity and competition of the workouts that make them so appealing to everyone, and the way we achieve greatness.  Remember that we are all here to motivate you and watch you succeed, not just your trainers, but also the other members.  Feel free to encourage everyone in the gym to push a little harder and give a little more.


Competition class is open to everyone willing to take their training to the next level in the gym, and put it to the test against other CrossFit gyms.  There are requirements to being in this class that everyone must adhere to.  Members of the Comp Class will go through advanced lifts, movements, and workouts on their own or with a group of peers.  Though there will be instructors in the class, the individual should have a grasp of all the movements, basic and advanced.  Workouts will be physically and mentally demanding, and should be approached only by those that are ready for the intensity.  This class will be designed to push an individual to the breaking point in order to prepare them for competition. 

Requirements for the class are:

  • Minimum of 4-6 months of CrossFit experience
  • Ability to consistently perform all movements and their full range of motion
  • MUST sign up and compete in at least 2-3 competitions each year.  If you are not competing, then there is no need to be in a competition class.
  • Athlete should be performing 90% of the daily programming as RX.  This includes RX weights and RX movements.  Minimum to no scaling. 
  • Athlete should be able to perform: Strict & Kipping Pullups, T2B, Wall Balls (height) , Olympic Lifts (Snatch, Clean, OHS, Jerk), Double Unders, Squats should all be to depth without question, and working on Handstands and HSPU, as well as Muscle Ups.